Monday, September 1, 2014

You Matter - Motivation Monday #35 {September 1, 2014}

Each Sunday morning, Kate Nasser hosts the #peopleskills twitter chat. Kate, along with the regular members of the chat, are very uplifting. They are a group of people who practice empathy, love, and compassion. Yesterday, the topic was Celebrating and Honoring People, and the topic and comments reminded me of the "You Matter" movement by Angela Maiers. 

For today's Motivation Monday, I'm sharing 4 questions and selected responses from yesterday's chat. 
Q1) OPINION: What is the ONE thing that every human being wants?
Q5) How can we honor every human being?
Q7) In the workplace, how can leaders value the everyday worker more?
Q9) How would the world be different right now if every person felt they mattered?

Thoughts on the questions and answers? Please leave a comment.

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