Thursday, June 13, 2013

Everyone Needs a Jesse On His Team!

Last weekend, our family took a trip to Panama City Beach. Both of my daughters play sand volleyball, so a "perk" is that we get to go to the beach a few times for tournaments. On Sunday morning we loaded up the car to come home, and the girls (and their partners who stayed with us in the condo) wanted to stop for breakfast at Waffle House. 

When we arrived, all of the tables were taken, and we were greeted by an employee named Jesse. He told us that there would be a table ready soon and that we could have a seat while we waited. Soon, there was a booth that opened up, so the four girls sat there while my husband and I sat at the counter.

From my seat, I was able to see the employees and what they were doing while we were waiting on our order. The system that they had going was quite impressive, and the cooks were pros. There were about 8 employees behind the counter that busy morning, and one employee kept catching my attention... Jesse.

Jesse stayed busy stacking dishes, washing dishes, watching the door for guests, clearing and wiping tables. There wasn't a time when I didn't see him busy. When one of the cooks dropped a dish and it shattered, the other employees kind of stood there and admired the broken dish. Jesse said, "I'll get the broom." 

Soon after we were seated, my husband and I ordered, then I noticed that the girls had not been waited on. My husband called out, "Jesse, can we get someone to get their order?" Jesse replied, "I don't wait tables." While Jesse did most everything that could be done in Waffle House, he was very clear on what his job was not. 

Every team needs a Jesse. 

  • Jesse looked for ways to contribute. Whether it was trimming the batter from the waffle iron or sweeping, he looked for it.
  • Jesse was friendly to the other employees and customers, never showing frustration or a sour attitude.
  • Jesse knew what his role was on the team. He worked within his parameters, but it didn't mean he was limited on how he could contribute.
Jesse inspired me. He made me want to work harder, contribute more, and look for more ways to contribute. 

I hope your team has a Jesse.

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