Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Importance of Trust - Week 4 #SAVMP

Challenged by George Couros (@gcouros) to blog about trust, he asks...
  1. How do you work to build trust starting in a new place?
  2. When you lose trust, what do you do to try to regain what you do?
  3. In a world with social media so evident, how do you use that technology to create a transparent culture within your community?
In a previous blog post, I shared Stephen Covey's 13 behaviors of high-trust leaders. All of the 13 behaviors are important ways to develop trust. (Do you have a top 3?)

But what if you are practicing the 13 behaviors and lose someone's trust? Perhaps you didn't deliver on a promise or overlooked an issue instead of dealing with it. Admitting the mistake is the first step to regaining trust. Then, the hard part happens. Time has to pass. Over time, without the repeating of the same mistake and the practicing of the 13 behaviors, trust can be regained. 

Technology and social media are terrific tools to create transparency and build trust. At our school, Holly Sutherland (@BUCSlead) updates the school blog daily which is a journal of our adventure with our 1:1 iPad Engaged Learning Initiative. Both of us have a twitter presence where we share with the world what teachers and students are doing in classrooms. We also co-moderate #ALedchat on Monday nights and #USedchat quarterly. We connect with people around the globe as well as teachers in our building around education and non-education issues. By using the school blog and having a twitter presence, we have helped to have a culture of transparency and connectedness. 

What suggestions do you have to build trust?

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