Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivation Monday #8 - Michael Jordan on Failure {February 24, 2014}

Today's post was inspired by my friend, Coach Bob Starkey. He's been a long-time twitter friend, but I hope to meet him in real life some day! His writes a great blog called Hoop Thoughts. It's geared towards leadership, basketball, and coaching. I discovered another blog he writes called Hoop Boost: A Blog for Serious Athletes. Recently, Coach Starkey posted a story about Michael Jordan as told Tim Grover in his book Relentless.  The story goes like this:

"After every game, I used to ask Michael (Jordan) one question: Five, six, or seven? As in what time are we hitting the gym tomorrow morning. And he’d snap back a time and that was it. Especially after a loss, when there wasn’t a whole lot to say. No discussion, no debate, no lame attempt to convince me he needed the morning off. You good? I’m good. See you in the morning. And the next morning at whatever time he’d decided, he’d awaken to find me standing outside his door. No matter what happened the night before-good game, bad game, soreness, fatigue- he was up working out every morning while most of the other guys slept."

This story reminded me of the Michael Jordan video below. I hope you enjoy!

This week, I'll be asking myself... Five, six, or seven? How will you challenge yourself?

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