Thursday, October 2, 2014

How Has Your PLN Made You a Better Educator?

Monday nights are my "late nights." They are the nights that my husband and kids know that I'm out of pocket, because I help host a twitter chat from 9 - 10pm. Alabama Education Chat started 2 years ago, and I've loved getting to host with co-founder Holly Sutherland and co-moderator Michael McLendon.

This week, our topic was "How to Grow Your PLN." The chat was incredible validation of how twitter has helped educators to grow personally and professionally. 

The questions from Monday night were:
Q1: Besides who's here in #ALedchat, who do we need to learn from on twitter?
Q2: How has your PLN made you a better educator?
Q3: What blogs/blog authors do you read and/or recommend?
Q4: Who are the non-educators on twitter that we need to follow?
Q5: What's another favorite chat besides this one, and what makes it great for you? 
Q6: What other ways do you connect with your PLN besides twitter? 
Final Q: What will you do this week to grow your PLN?
You can read the chat archive for all of the questions here: 

 Below are a few tweets from the night in answer to question #2:

To see ALL of the answers to the question, "How has your PLN made you a better educator?" see the archive for the single question below:

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