Monday, December 22, 2014

Band of Brothers - Motivation Monday #51 {December 22, 2014}

Every Monday I post quotes and/or videos to inspire and motivate you through your week. Get ready for a great one!

I once gave the keynote at an athletic banquet. The theme of my talk was how being an athlete is similar to being in the military. I made the comparisons of preparing side by side with your teammate to go into battle to conquer the opposing side. Also, teammates have a bond that lasts forever. Going into battle with someone means that there has to a huge amount of trust between each other. Nothing can be taken for granted. Each member must be willing to sacrifice his or her own needs for the success of the group. Both athletes and military understand the comparisons and what it's like to work side by side with another person on whom they can fully depend.

And as we close out this year, I feel the same bond with fellow educators. Even if we don't go to battle on the same battlefields, there are many of you with whom I fight the good fight. We wage war on poverty and undernourishment of the body and soul, and we are unwavering in our efforts to educate, support, and encourage the young people of today. 

I thank you and salute you.

(Click the picture below to watch the German General's Speech from the movie, Band of Brothers.)

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  1. Jennifer,

    Thank you for the inspiring message! As a current principal and former wrestling coach, I often make comparisons between athletics and the world of educational leadership. Both take time, dedication, and a TEAM effort to make great things happen. Have a wonderful 2015!