Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Providing More Independence at School with iPads

Sometimes as administrators in a 1:1 school, we tend to see and hear more about the students who are misusing their devices for gaming, socializing, and entertainment. 

Because of this, when Carrie Busby, one of the other administrators at our school, shared the email below, I asked her if I could share it here.

Today I met with a Hoover graduate and his parents for his Summary of Performance exit meeting after completing his diploma requirements, and I heard some interesting feedback on how teachers used technology to help this student.  Part of the interview asks the student to reflect on what helped the student be successful at school, and the mother said she was surprised by how much structure the ipad gave her son.  At first she thought, “What are they doing and why are they giving them these devices?”  It was clear that she thought her son would not do well with the ipad, perhaps because in her words, he was not a regular student.  Then she went into detail about how teachers used Edmodo, online textbooks, etc. to put technological structures in place that made her student become more independent when before she would have to be very involved in his schooling. She said it was a huge benefit that also taught him skills that she sees him use as he navigates the online platform his employer uses. 
This is the kind of feedback that helps us to keep perspective on the advantages that our students have, and opportunities that are created, by what our students and teachers are able to do in a 1:1 school. 

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  1. I love seeing the use of tech through the eyes of a parent. We are still relatively emergent in many facets of employing tech in our schools, and their are experiences both good and bad. Technology is only going to be more pervasive, so we must prepare ourselves, and our students, for utilizing it.