Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Canva: A New Option for Creating Exciting Visuals

As you know from a previous post about my design fail, I'm no graphic designer. I DO, however, love to create pictures and signs for my blog posts, Pinterest, Twitter, and our school Facebook page. 

Picmonkey is a terrific (and FREE) photo editor, and I use it to crop photos, create collages, add layers, and add my blog watermark to pictures. 

I've found a new FREE tool to create awesome visuals, and it's called Canva. Canva has a ton of free graphics, fonts, and photos that can be used in many ways to create beautiful visuals. 

When you create your free account, the dashboard will start with "Create a Design." If you click the plus sign on the right side, it will add more options:
Social Media Posts, Social Media & Email Headers, Marketing Materials, Documents, Blogging & eBooks, Events, and Ads. You can also use custom dimensions. 

Below are some of the graphics I've created:

Graphic for Twitter to promote #USedchat

Facebook header for the FB group I led last month

Graphic to share on Twitter

Graphic posted on our school Facebook page for parents/students

Welcome sign for our recent PD day 
(The librarian turned it into a poster for us)

Graphic for a blog post

There are many ideas you can get from the free templates to the eye-catching fonts and pictures. 

I would love to hear how you use Canva. Be sure to tag me if you share your graphic on Twitter! (@jennifer_hogan)


  1. I just made my first graphic, Twitter header! Thanks for this.

  2. Awesome, Glenith! I just checked it out - LOVE the quote! So glad this post was helpful to you.

  3. Jennifer, I have tried Canva but my favorite is PicMonkey. I must say that you have made Canva more appealing to me by this post. I am going back in for a second look. My Canvas that I am proud of are at http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2015/01/a-positively-positive-start-to-2015.html & http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2015/05/may-blossom.html (1st image) but they took me a good long time to figure out the layouts. I am eager to try again after reading your tips. If you would like to give me an image/poem for Spring's Symphony I would love that.