Monday, July 20, 2015

Can I Call You?

As an administrator, I make plenty of phone calls home that are for not-so-positive reasons. When I get to call home for something great, like a Praise Referral, it gives me such a good feeling because I know that it makes the parents' day! 

Just last week, Carrie Busby and I were sharing with teachers strategies for calling home for both positive reasons and negative reasons. We gave them all a goal for the new school year, and it's called the "Friday 5."

It's not something that we came up  with, but it's something that we wanted to share with our teachers. I know that several of my friends who are administrators do this, and it is a terrific way to build relationships with parents in a personal way.

On Saturday, I was out walking my dogs and I thought I would check my Voxer app to see if there had been any updates in our Women in Education Leadership group since we're about to start a book study. I had a surprise waiting for me in the form of a Vox from my friend, Dr. Neil Gupta. Neil and I "met" via twitter, and he participated in a book study I led via Voxer with teachers from my school, Melinda Sears, him, and Jeff Zoul. 

Neil left me a wonderfully encouraging and inspiring message that I needed to hear that day! I smiled as I listened to it, and then I let my husband listen to it because I was so appreciative of his kind words. {{Thank you, Neil!}}

That phone call was powerful. I have been thinking about it all weekend. On the way to work this morning, I thought to myself, "I'm going to do a Friday 5" to educators home and away who are doing great things for their school, staff, and/or students. 

So... I want to call you. Inspire you. Encourage you. Thank you.

I want to pass it on. 

Send me your Voxer handle and I will call you this school year!

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