Sunday, January 3, 2016

Setting Yourself up for Success in 2016

We're kicking off 2016 with our first global twitter chat of the year! There have been a flurry of resolutions, goal-setting, one word and three words for 2016 that have been shared in blog posts and on social media over the last two weeks. 

We understand the importance of setting ourselves up for success in order to make sure that we reach our goals for the year, and we want you to join us tonight and share your insights, experiences, and perspectives on this topic. 

**Here’s a time converter to assist all of you around the globe in converting 9pm CST to your local time. 

Here are questions to get you thinking in advance:
  • The first obstacle you face on the path to success is often the hardest to overcome. What is your plan for when you meet that first obstacle? 
  • Success comes from targeted action on a regular basis. What new/continuing habits or routines do you have planned for 2016? 
  • How does/should failure fit into our plan for success in 2016? What is your plan for recovery from failure in 2016? 
  • How will you use technology to make your life easier/more successful in 2016? Will it play a role in setting yourself up for success? 
  • What are you giving up in 2016 that has to happen in order for you to reach your goals? What will you do to insure that you stick with giving it up? 
  • What resources (people included) do you have to help you be successful? What resources do you need? 
  • How will you monitor your progress during 2016? Share plans for frequency, method, accountability, etc. 
  • How will you know when you have reached your goal, and how will you celebrate your success? 

What: Global Twitter Chat
Topic: Setting Yourself up for Success in 2016
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BONUS for readers of 
The Compelled Educator blog:

I'm one of the founders and hosts of this chat. If you have any questions, feel free to email me

Everyone is welcome. I hope you will all join us Monday night for #ALedchat.

**Update: Click HERE for the archive of the chat.

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