Monday, April 25, 2016

May Matters! Join the #lastbell movement!

lastbellMay Matters! Commit to teaching ‘til the last bell rings!.jpg

In many schools, the countdown has already begun. The days until summer break... the days until the beach... the days until there’s *no kids.*  

Let’s throw that “tradition” on it’s head. Let’s re-evaluate the influence we have on students’ lives. Let’s all join together as an education community to celebrate the time we have left with students. Because, whether it’s August or May, every moment we have with students is valuable.  

Starting on May 2, and every weekday during May, the Voxer group for Women in Educational Leadership is leading a movement on social media to celebrate those who teach until the last bell. This movement includes school leaders, classroom teachers, counselors, and support staff, because in a school, we’re all a part of the group that influences children’s lives. We want you to join us for this incredible movement using the hashtag #lastbell!

Let’s celebrate those who bring it in May! It’s easy… just snap a picture, share a quote, and more to let the world know about those people in your school who make a difference for others. You can share this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Periscope, and/or your blog. Be sure to use the #lastbell hashtag, since the hashtag will be the “hub” for sharing our celebrations!

Here are some ideas for the month of May to celebrate #lastbell:
  • Periscope an awesome lab, makerspace, breakout edu, or other creative activity led by an innovative teacher
  • Tweet out a picture of the teacher who keeps raising the bar, even in May, and makes sure that students get there!
  • If you’re a parent of younger kids, have them to fill out this free printable for their teacher.
  • If you’re a school leader, model #lastbell by leading a book study during the month of May
  • Snap a picture of a teacher who is a “rock” for his/her students and who understands that for some kids, summertime is not a vacation because school is the only consistent thing in their lives. Share on social media!
  • Create a slideshow of your staff in action as they teach to the #lastbell. Share at a May faculty meeting, end-of-year luncheon, on your school website or Facebook page, or in the parent e-newsletter.
  • Incorporate #lastbell into Teacher Appreciation Week, the first week of May!

  • Print these tags and attach to small thank you gifts such as highlighters, candy, or an apple for your staff, friends, or colleagues. Get your free download here: My gift to you!
  • Commit to learning something new - join a twitter chat, attend an edcamp, try a digital breakout at… Talk to your students about it; model the learning process!

Also, we’re hosting a live video chat! Be sure to join Lisa Dabbs, Becky Ince, Debbie Campbell, and me for our Blab video chat on Tuesday, May 3, 7:00-7:30pmCST.

It’s going to be a fun month of inspiration and celebrations, and we’re even doing giveaways, including books from authors Brad Currie and Mark Barnes!


Download this image and use on your blog, webpage, Facebook profile picture, and more. You can also share on twitter and tag the committed teachers you know. If you’re a school leader, consider printing it onto stickers for your staff!

May is going to be an awesome month of teaching and learning. Won’t you join us?


  1. Jennifer,

    Thanks for the inspiration to finish strong this school year! Kids deserve the very best until that last bell rings! May is going to be a good month!


    1. Jon, I know you bring it every day to your school! I'm excited about seeing what is happening across the country as schools continue or start to tell their story!

  2. I'm counting down the days, but I'm also still teaching every day. Still laughing with the kids, still hanging in there with them. Just have to have balance!

    1. You have high expectations for your students every day. I hope you will share on social media the awesome things you and your kids do in May!

  3. We got this! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration to press on through the #lastbell. I'm bringing this to Bumpus, our teachers have lots to share.

    1. Can't wait to see what your teachers are doing in May! I know it will be awesome!

  4. A great idea to complete a year. Staff members really need to be motivated and enthusiastic until the #lastbell. Teachers have a lot to share and so do students. Let'make it more awesome!