Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Your "inlook" determines your outlook

We all have a little voice inside that tells us messages. The script we tell ourselves is made up of many messages we have received throughout our lives, whether told to us by someone else or messages that we created through experiences. It can be a hard habit to break, but once we recognize that it’s a habit and not necessarily a truth of what is happening in the moment, we have a better chance of breaking it.

Check your script throughout the day. Are you hearing positive messages or negative messages?

When we want to have a positive outlook, we must first have a positive “inlook.” 

Here are four positive messages that we should all be telling ourselves.

You deserve happiness
We are all unique and special, and we deserve happiness. Sure, we have setbacks that may cause us to be temporarily unhappy, but overall happiness will prevail when we believe that we deserve it. 

You matter
Every single human being is unique. It is a special gift, and together we are part of the beautiful, colorful tapestry of life. Our differences, similarities, relationships, and voices all contribute to making the world a beautiful place. 

You are enough
While we can all learn, grow, and improve, don’t mistake the journey of self-improvement as an indicator that a person is not enough. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not enough, and don’t believe the lies.  Each person is enough just by being a part of the human race.

You, not your past, will determine where you will go
No one is predetermined to a future position based on his/her past. Each of us can learn from our past in order to - along with hard work - propel us to where we want to go. 

What messages are you telling yourself on your journey? Is it time to change your script?

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  1. Great messages Jennifer! Thanks for spreading the positive!