Wednesday, January 31, 2018

50 blog post ideas for educators

Sometimes it can be tough to come up with ideas on what to blog about. As a regular blogger, I get asked the question a lot... "What should/will I blog about?" Here's a list of 50 blog post ideas for educators. Be sure to share in the comments the ones that you haven't done and have put next on your blogging list to write about!  

1. Your favorite classroom hack
2. Interview a teacher in your school who does ______ really well
3. Write a letter to you in your first year in your current role.

4. Challenge yourself and share the process
5. Write about the day in the life of YOU (3rd grade teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal, district administrator, etc.)

6. Share an article or book that changed your practice as an educator
7. Do a Q & A with someone whose opinion/work you really value

8. Share your ideal wish list for your classroom/school/district
9. Do a “how to” post
10. Write an open letter to someone about an issue that’s important to you

11. Share your top 3 tech tools you use and how you use them
12. Share a successful lesson or activity you did with your students

13. Write a post called, “If I were a baseball player, my walk-up song would be ______” and share the song and why (a walk-up song is the song that plays when the batter “walks up” to the batter’s box for his turn at bat)

14. Share the books that are on your “To-read” list
15. Ask someone to co-write a blog post with you on a common topic
16. Share a time-management or organization tip you use daily

17. Read a children’s book and make connections between the message in the book to your role as an educator
18. Create a screencast tutorial and embed it in your blog post

19. Write a “What I learned from ___________” (sports, cross country travel, playing the guitar, etc.) 
20. Create an infographic and share

21. Read an article on a business outside of education and how you can apply the lessons to what you do
22. Share your favorite blogs and bloggers in a post
23. Write a post about a failure and how you responded to it

24. Write a post about where you get your inspiration.
25. What would you share with someone who is in their first year in the role that you are in?

26. Share how you stay on track when trying to reach your goals
27. What are questions that you get asked frequently in your role?

28. Share a “best of” post where you share your most popular blog posts
29. Write a “round up” post of articles and posts that you read during the past week or month
30. Write a post on WHY you do what you do

31. Share your best classroom management strategy
32. Write a post about how you balance life and work
33. Share your notes from a conference or workshop you attend

34. Share a “cheat sheet” for using a tech tool or app
35. Share a story about one of your school’s traditions

36. Curate the research about a topic and summarize it (and include links to research) 
37. Create a collection of inspiring posts
38. Share your take-aways from a twitter chat
39. Write your “Educator’s Bucket List” 

40. Innovative ideas that you want to see in your school
41. Emerging tech trends in education
42. A round-up of motivational videos to show to students and/or staff

43. What you’ve learned about yourself through blogging
44. Make a list of things to avoid in education
45. Highlight your, your students’, or your school’s milestones and/or tradition(s)

46. Write a review of a product you use often
47. Ask your readers for feedback on a dilemma or question
48. Share the best and/or worst advice you’ve ever gotten
49. Share a project you’re currently working on

50. Share your mission statement and your process for writing it

Use one of these ideas? Be sure to share on twitter and tag me when you do! 

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  1. This is a great list Jennifer. Along with '100+ Ideas and Prompts for Student Blogging' ( from
    Ronnie Burt, Sue Waters and Kathleen Morris and '10 Blog Post Ideas for your School Blog' ( from Richard Byrne, they provide a useful place to start for those unsure where to start.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I love these ideas and I will be able to carry many of them forward. Thanks so much for writing such a useful list! I'm curious about "educator's bucket list". What exactly do you mean by this? I'm intrigued by the idea but I'd appreciate some clarification.