Sunday, August 26, 2018

People grow where they're loved

Perhaps you have heard the analogy that education is like tending a flower garden. There are times when educators can concretely know that they've had a positive impact on a students, but there are also times when we only feel like we've "planted a seed."

I saw this quote from Bob Goff recently on Instagram (posted by the awesome Ali McWilliams), and I got to thinking about the education - gardening analogy.

Gardeners don't just plant seeds and hope that the seeds will grow into beautiful flowers. they do everything they can to ensure that the seed has the best chance possible to survive and thrive. They deal with extreme temperatures, too much or too little rain, as well as insects and other deterrents that work against their plants reaching their full potential. Also, gardeners know the kind of soil in which each plants grows best and how much sun and water the plant needs. 

When we plant seeds as educators, we must give as much love and care as we can to the "seeds" to give them the best chances possible to grow into beautiful flowers. 

While we know that some people seem to be born with a green thumb and know the art of growing beautiful plants, there is a science that can't be ignored. The same goes for education. We must respect the research and science behind instructional strategies, but we must also pay attention to feelings and attitudes that contribute so much to the success of the student. 

Let's take out our watering can and gardening gloves and get to tending!

Join me for a 15-week series of inspirational quotes each Monday beginning on September 10! Each Monday, I will share quotes and graphics that will celebrate characteristics of COMPELLED educators.  The first week will be a focus on Humility. I can't wait for you to join me on this 15-week journey!

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