Twitter Workbook

Over time, by studying, learning, and through trial and error, I've created a social media presence for our school where we can celebrate teachers and students and share the positive messages about the awesome things that take place each day there.

I'm compelled to share what I've learned with other educators so that they can share their own positive messages about what's happening in education.

The digital workbook is an easy-to-use guide with step-by-step instructions and action plans. For the price of lunch, you can have a blueprint and worksheets for your team to create, build, and grow your presence on Twitter in order to share the wonderful things happening in their schools!

"My assistant principal and I wanted teachers to start using Twitter but we weren’t exactly sure how to get started.  We went online and found Jennifer Hogan’s book, “Telling You School’s Story-What you Need to Know to Tell Your School’s Story on Twitter.”  Her book gave us step-by-step instructions on everything from creating a Twitter account to creating graphics for tweets. The book provided actual examples of what each step looked like in Twitter.  There were also places in the book to brainstorm ideas about each step being discussed. 
We owe our success with Twitter to Jennifer Hogan’s book.  My school now has their own Twitter account, hashtag and we are getting more followers everyday.  We have teachers and administrators tweeting about who we are and all the great things that are happening in classrooms all over our school.  Thanks to Jennifer Hogan, we are using Twitter to tell OUR story."
                                                           Pamela White, Technology Specialist

What will you learn from this workbook and what's included?

~How to set up an account on twitter that your stakeholders will find easily

~How to create a school hashtag

~How to find time to tweet with a busy schedule

~What to tweet to increase stakeholder trust and engagement

~How to create graphics to use with your tweets

~How to find time to schedule tweets



~Reproducible worksheets to share with your team

~Important action steps that will personalize your social media presence

~Instructions for navigating Twitter

~Tips and Tricks for making time to tweet

All educators need to be branding their schools and "pulling back the curtains" on the awesome academic and social-emotional learning that's taking place in classrooms across the country!