Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Year Anniversary of #USedchat (with 4 Free Printables)

Last year in April, Holly Sutherland and I hosted our first ever #USedchat. Each week, we look forward to hosting #ALedchat (Alabama Education Chat) and we get fired up for the week every Monday night! I've got to confess, though, that the #USedchat always revs me up because of the incredible guest moderators we've had each quarter. Friends like Daisy Dyer Duerr, Jimmy Casas, David Theriault, Principal El, and Aaryn Schmuhl are among all of the awesome guest hosts who have joined us for the quarterly chat.

This week, we celebrated our one year anniversary! 
Our topic was "Education Trends vs Sustainable Change."

Anyone who has been in education for a while talks about "seeing the pendulum swing back again," indicating that there are some initiatives, programs, and beliefs in and about education, teaching, and learning that are not long-lasting. We wanted to hear from people across the country on their views about certain topics.

Our guest moderators for this quarter's chat were 

(bios taken from Twitter)
Tom Kilgore, An educator committed to improving learning outcomes. Former Marine, SCUBA instructor, & radar systems engineer. Founder of   
Kris SzajnerKindergarten STEM Teacher | Technology Expert | STEM Educator | Google Apps | Flipped Classroom | Published Author |  Founder | National Speaker 
Don Miller, Fortunate father of four beautiful children, husband to an amazing & extremely hard working teacher; Principal Shea HS, founder & co-moderator of 
Mark BarnesAuthor of Role Reversal, The 5-Minute , Teaching the iStudent., Brilliant or Insane . New  daily.
Each moderator got to ask two questions, and below you will find the questions from Monday night's chat:
Q1: How does today’s classroom/learning experience differ from our own of the past?
Q2: How do you facilitate creativity in the classroom?
Q3: What are the essential components to engage the heart and mind of today’s students? 
Q4: How are we preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs? 
Q5: What Impact has STEM had on education? 
Q6: How has the 21st Century changed teaching? 
Q7: What barriers are you facing while transitioning to 1:1 tech integration? 
Q8: How does a 1:1 class enhance assessment and feedback for learning?

We keep the archives on Storify.  (disclaimer: most side/personal conversations are omitted from the archive!) Feel free to enjoy reading the entire chat archive!

And now... for the anniversary gift! I have four free printables for you. Todd Whitaker had some awesome one-liners during the chat, so I've turned them into printables for you to use in your classroom or office. Todd is a champion for educators, and we were delighted to have him as part of the conversation Monday night!

We also announced Monday night that the next #USedchat will be in July (we are finalizing the date as we coordinate with our guest moderators), and we will be doing a Google Hangout as well as a Twitter chat. So look for it.... the next #USedchat. And #Aledchat on Monday nights. Our enthusiasm and passion is contagious, and we'd LOVE to have you be a part of it with us!

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