Monday, April 21, 2014

Unsung Heroes - Motivation Monday #16 {April 21, 2014}

Every Monday I post quotes and/or videos to inspire and motivate you through your week. Get ready for a great week!

Last week, a student visited me and he shared with me that he feels hopeless. he described it this way: he said that he feels like he's in a circle and it's filled with dogs. The dogs are always barking at him, and he can't get them to stop. He tries everything, but nothing works.

The student comes from a home where he doesn't have a lot of support or structure, and his friends are not positive influences on him. He had lots of questions for me, and he wanted to know how to have hope again. How to even want to live.

In the many things that we talked about during our hour together, one of the things that I told him was to do something for someone else knowing that he wouldn't get anything in return. Seeing the amazing video below reminded me of the conversation with that student. It also was a personal reminder to me... I need to be doing more for others when I know that I won't get anything in return.

How about you? Are you ready to do this, too?

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