Thursday, May 8, 2014

7 Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow

I have a confession. 

I'm addicted to Pinterest.

It has inspired me to create, to dream, to wish, to learn.... 

Check out some of the boards I curated:

Pinterest is a website that allows you to create "virtual bulletin boards" where you can "pin" pictures and links that you find online. Boards allow for pins to be grouped by category.

Today I'm sharing 7 Pinterest boards that you need to follow. You can thank me later.

1. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
From starting a program to classroom management to resources. This board provides many practical ideas to implementing such a program.

2. Technology in the Classroom
Lots of information on how to use specific apps and websites as well as other tech integration ideas. It even includes a link to teacher-recommended Pandora stations for the classroom!

3. HS Literacy
Although this board is titled HS Literacy, there are many literacy ideas that can be adapted across grade levels.

4. School Stuff
This board has all kinds of school-related pins, with quite a few pins on classroom management and motivation.

5. Twitter Resources, Apps, and Tools
As a faithful Twitter fan, I have to share the good stuff that can be found on Eric Sheninger's Pinterest board.

Using Twitter for Professional Development: See how these administrators are using social media to connect with peers—and improve how they run their schools.

6. Flipped Class
Erin Klein shares some great pins for flipping the classroom, including do's and don'ts and lots of videos.

Flipping Your Classroom? 5 Learning Ideas

7. Bullying and Digital Citizenship
We can all learn and get better at teaching kids how to be good digital citizens and manage their digital footprint. 

FREE ANTI-BULLYING POSTERS~  Great resource for posters, lesson ideas, and a bunch of other resources to help with effort to help students deal with bullying.

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Do you have a favorite Pinterest board? Feel free to share in the comments or tweet me the link: @jennifer_hogan.

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