Thursday, May 15, 2014

Simple Words to Inspire Great Leadership

Today I spent a good part of my day meeting with teachers. I was reviewing with each of them their final evaluation of the year, and we discussed areas of strength as well as areas of growth.

Their evaluations are based on formal and informal observations, as well as their Professional Learning Plan and other professional conversations and interactions. 

Getting in classrooms is hard. There is always some administrative responsibility or interruption that can take time away from visiting classrooms. 

This school year, I have been determined to MAKE time (not FIND time) to get in classrooms, talk with teachers about their craft, talk with students about their learning, and share with the world what our teachers and students are doing in their classrooms. 

Also, this school year I've been using the principles in 12: The Elements of Great Managing to guide me in my interactions with others, specifically in the area of teacher engagement.

Today one of the teachers, after our discussion of his evaluation, said these words to me:

"Thank you. I really feel like you know what is going on in our classrooms because you are there so much. I really want to hear your input because I know that you have seen what's going on. You encourage us and are positive, but you also push us to keep getting better. I really appreciate you."

His simple statements made me want to be an even better leader. For our teachers. For our students. For each other. 

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