Monday, July 28, 2014

Here's to the Crazies - Motivation Monday #30 {July 28, 2014}

Every Monday I post quotes and/or videos to inspire and motivate you through your week. Get ready for a great one!

I tend to like everyone... from the red, yellow, black, and white, to the quirky, independent, cool, and different. I try to learn from everyone I meet, especially the ones who are most different from me.

I applaud those who have the courage and tenacity to "go against the grain." Those who ignore the dream stealers, face adversity, and keep going. 

I especially love the ones quoted in this video clip from the movie, Jobs.

If you can't see the video on your device, click HERE

How do you feel about the Crazies? Do you embrace them or try to keep them on the outside?

Will you dare to throw a stone and cause ripples?


  1. I love how the video clip said that you can make your mark upon the world and it will never be the same. That reminds me of "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds & International Dot Day!

    I'm going to attempt to throw out a stone this year (speaking of ripples) as I attempt to organize a kindness campaign in my classroom this year. I hope to finish my blog post this week about this - I've worked on the ideas here and there all month.

    As far as the "crazies" I guess I never thought about it, but I think that everyone has something that you can learn from, even if they aren't the type of person you might gravitate towards first. One thing that I heard yesterday at a conference (topic was using teaching videos in PD) was that we might enjoy or pick out videos that "look like" us or our classroom but we do the most learning when we watch videos that are the opposite of our classroom. I never thought about it that way. It's like looking through a window to the outside instead of looking at a mirror of ourselves.

  2. Jen, I love your idea about a "kindness campaign!" We have to be intentional about things like that and forget the notion that it will "just happen." We create the culture for the students... they are just passing through. We are there to stay. :-)
    Thank you for sharing the observation about the videos... definitely something to remember for future presentations!