Friday, July 11, 2014

We Get What We Look For

About 12 years ago, I took a motorcycle safety class. It was a two-day class, where we had "classroom" lessons on Friday evening, then actually driving on Saturday. I remember the bike being big and heavy, and not at all like riding a bicycle. I had a lot of fear riding it alone, afraid I would lose control and "drop" it. 

To this day, I remember what one of the instructors told us while driving the course: 

"When you want to make a turn, go ahead and look that way. Which ever way you look is the way you will go."

That phrase applies to so much of life. Whatever we're looking for... we will find it, whether it's trouble, happiness, success, etc. And what we look for depends on our OUTLOOK on life. It also depends on our belief system. Do we believe that other people are inherently good? Do we believe we have something positive to offer the world? Do we believe we can make a difference?

This week, we had an incredible twitter chat with Angela Maiers. (Read the #ALedchat archive here.) She started the "You Matter" movement, and I got to hear her in Atlanta at the recent ISTE conference. She told the participants of her session that You Matter is not an event. It's not a day, a thing, a feeling. It reflects what we believe about others. 

(If your device doesn't support the video, you can watch it here.)

When I was coaching and would tell my athletes, "I believe in you," it was to let them know that they mattered. That I had confidence in them. That I SAW them. That I was with them. 

So when the school year starts, what will you be looking for? Because whatever it is, you will find it. 


  1. I see you , and I am smiling!! #YOUMATTER

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Angela. You inspire me and many others! I believe in you!


  3. Jennifer,

    Terrific message. It seems so simple, yet many people don't realize, "Whichever way you look is the way you will go."

    I for one, am a believer in the power of positive attitude. Your post reiterates the importance of believing in others and building on relationships. Thanks for the positive message Jennifer.


  4. Thanks for commenting, Ben. Attitude is definitely a choice, and life is too short not to choose to be positive. Always appreciate your feedback!