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Motivation Monday #31 - Link Party {August 4, 2014}

Today is the day! 

Back in June, I had the idea to host a Link Party on my blog, and I thought that all of us sharing Motivation Monday posts would be an awesome way to do a round-up of positive and uplifting blog posts. 

Maybe you have questions about a Linky Party...

What is a Linky Party?
A Linky Party is when the author of a blog (the host) invites the blog readers to link up their blog posts on the same topic. This is often done when a blogger posts an idea for a topic like My Best Getting-to-know-you Activities, or How My School Uses Social Media, Classroom Management Tips, or in this case, Motivational Monday!

Why should I join a Linky Party?
As a blogger, when you link up your post to the original you are widening your audience and increasing the chances of your content being read.
As a reader, linky parties are a great way to find additional information on the same topic.

How do I join a Linky Party?
1. Publish your Motivational Monday blog post today. 

2. You must let your readers know that you've joined the Linky Party. 
There are two ways to do that: a) Find the Linky Button for the linky party in the right-hand margin of my blog page. Below the image you will see code in the widget box. Copy the code and insert it (HTML) into your blog post on the topic. The button will let your readers know that you are participating in a linky party and direct them to the other entries. b) If you're not sure how to embed the button, you can note at the beginning or end of your blog post that you are joining the Linky Party and use the address of this specific blog post.
4. At the bottom of this blog post, click on the Linky button (InLinkz).

5. Fill out the required information

6. You must include the direct link to your post, not your general URL. 

       For example:
Wrong because this links to my blog in general.
Right = because this links to a specific blog post. (Click the title of your post, then copy the address in the address bar.)

I don’t have a blog, how do I participate in the Linky Party?
Participants who don’t have blogs are welcome to join in the discussions by leaving comments on the blog posts of the bloggers who are participating.

What if I already had a different post planned for today, but I want to do a motivational post this week. Can I still join?
Absolutely! And please do!

I can't wait to see what you link up!

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