Sunday, August 10, 2014

My New Talk Radio - VOXER

So... I had been hearing this talk about the walkie-talkie app called Voxer. I installed it on my phone and I had my husband to install it on his. Didn't seem like a really big deal... we could leave a "voicemail" on each other's phone through the app. We could also type a message or send a picture. Nothing new. I asked myself, Why would I want this app?

Then I saw a tweet by Brad Currie about a #satchat Voxer group. I knew I needed to give it a try to see if it would deepen my understanding of how to use the app.


Once I became part of the group, I had a reason to use Voxer. I understood that I could be a part of a group of Voxer users and share thoughts, ideas, and feedback via the chat group, much like a twitter chat. The FUN part of being in a Voxer group is hearing all of the accents from around the world! Also, there's just something very personal and special about hearing a human voice rather than just reading words on a page. All of the Voxes (voice messages) are "saved" in the chat, and they're "listed" on the screen like a stream of short podcasts.

Now, on the way to school or on the way home, I open the app and it plays the Voxes one after the other. It's my new talk radio!

I really don't have a good grasp on maximizing it's use or navigating the app, but I am LOVING being part of the #satchat group. I'm still trying to find out who's on Voxer, so I researched how to find people:

***One suggestion for new Voxer users, upload a picture in your profile (just like Twitter.) It makes being found by others a lot easier.***

If you're on Voxer, let's connect!


  1. I love Voxer too! I'm in a Voxer group with some French teachers from around the country (who are from around the world!) It's been a wonderful way to connect and get/give feedback. And also to practice my French with teachers with great fluency and even some native speakers. Here's a link to my blog post on the same topic for any of your readers who might be interested!

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    2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Danelle! I love that you are in a Voxer group with other French teachers. Especially in the area of foreign languages that deals so much with speaking and learning, what a great way to learn from each other!

  2. It's so true. Voxer is another great resource to help building leaders feel less isolated and engage in the practice of education. I love the various Voxer chats that I'm in, especially the one that keeps me connected to the group of us who are currently planning an Upstate NY EdCamp. Some of us are hundreds of miles apart, but the instantaneous nature of Voxer coupled with the "listen any time" ease makes it such a useful tool. Glad you're liking it! Look me up. I'd love to connect. I'm Tim_Dawks.