Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The point where we realize we're out of time

As the buzzer sounded at the end of the third quarter, the difference in the score was great, but we still felt a sense of hope for our daughters. We wanted them to come out on top, to be winners, successful in their efforts. It would take a lot on their part, but they could still come back. 

But as the clock ticked and the game got closer to the end of the last quarter, we reached the point in the game where everyone realizes that there’s just no way to win. There’s too many points that are needed and not enough time to get them. 

All hope lost, the realization washes over me. Out of time. The game is too far gone and there’s nothing left to do but keep playing and going through the motions... trying to improve skills that can possibly be used in a win in the next game. But this game, it's over. A mark in the loss column.

Sometimes we cross paths with students where we feel like we’re out of time. They’re “too far gone” for us to do much for them. We have hope in the beginning, but our efforts don’t amount to enough within the time that we’re given. And we lose. 

We lose an opportunity to make a difference. We lose a student to the grind of an unhealthy lifestyle, or to a negative family situation that perpetuates itself through another generation. 

But we don’t lose faith or hope. We believe we've done everything we could have. We hope we’ve gotten better at cracking the code. Better so that we won’t lose the next student who passes our way. 

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