Sunday, June 5, 2016

Courageous Leaders Face their Fears

courageous leaders face their fears

Fear is an emotion that can sometimes go unrecognized. It can drive decisions and attitudes, and it can cause great unhappiness. Instead of running from fear or avoiding situations that cause us to be fearful, it’s important to recognize and own our fears. Fear can be paralyzing, controlling, and consuming if it is not dealt with. Fear can trigger action that prevents us from being or becoming our best, and it can prevent us from taking steps to create change. 

Fear is not an emotion that leaves once a person is in a leadership position. Nancy Anderson says,  “Courage is not the absence of fear; rather it is the ability to take action in the face of fear.” 

Where do leaders get their courage? What are the secrets to facing fears? 

Leaders recognize fear. They understand the triggers, the origins, and the symptoms of it. They use their fear to make them more alert and to achieve clarity. 

Leaders avoid avoidance. Fear can cause a person to avoid anxiety-producing situations. Leaders feel their fear and they are able to act in spite of it. 

Leaders are empathetic. They understand that they may be brave in some ways and not in others. They value other people’s courage and experiences, and they allow others to give support.

Leaders don’t compare their courage to someone else’s. They accept their own journey and understand that their life is a result of their decisions. They celebrate their own courage and work continually to understand and face their fears. 

Leaders surround themselves with others who face their own fears. It’s an intentional action on their part to create a circle of influence of people who model courageous actions. 

Courageous leaders aren’t without fear. Instead, they recognize and own their fear. 

Do you recognize and own your fears?
Where do you get your courage?

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  1. Jennifer - another great post. I love this! For me, I need to surround myself with others who aren't afraid to face their fears. I'm not quite there yet but your blog encourages me to "lead on" and keep growing. Over the last six months, my life has changed dramatically and I'm much more open than I ever was to accepting fear. I am also reminded that I need to be PRESENT through all of this and lead with mindfulness. Thanks for your constant words of encouragement and wisdom!

  2. President Franklin Roosevelt said "the only thing we have to fear is....... fear itself." Fear can consume and overwhelm if you let it. Do something, if it works great, if not admit it and try again. You will not know if a new lesson works or a borrowed one works for you. Try and adapt by each class. If the lesson does not or try something else or own the fact it failed and try and different lesson next time.

  3. #3. Definitely #3! Wonderful post Jennifer!