Monday, September 5, 2016

My #1 tip for sharing blog posts

If you've just started your blog or if you've been blogging for a while, the tip I'm going to share may not be something that you're aware of. It's a tip I share when I work with new bloggers, and since it's not an obvious tip, I wanted to share with you here on my blog. 

Sharing links to blogs

Notice the address bar above. The address is the link to my blog. It is not the link to a specific blog post; it simply links to the home page of my blog. Anyone who clicks this web address will come to my blog and the most recent blog post will be listed first on the home page. 

How does this impact those I share the link with?

Let's say I share the link on twitter today so that a certain person will see today's post. Let's also pretend that the person on twitter doesn't see the tweet until a few days from now. What happens if I post again between today and when my friend on twitter clicks the link? He or she will see the most recent post, not the one I thought I tweeted about. 

How to share a link to a specific post

Do you see the link in the address bar above? There is a forward slash ( / ) after The words that come after the forward slash are very similar to the blog title below the header on the blog. That's because the address is to the specific blog post. 

How does this impact those I share the link with?

Now, no matter when a person clicks the link, he/she will always go straight to this specific blog post. Why do you want to do this? If someone can't read a blog post when you send it (via any social media channel), they will be able to read this particular post when they get the opportunity. 

How do you get the "permalink" for your blog post (the permanent link that takes a person directly to a specific blog post)? Click on the title of the blog post. 

Links from mobile devices

Maybe you've seen blog posts on your laptop or PC that "look funny." Notice how blurry my header is in the picture above. 

Can you see the "?m=1" that follows the blog title? This means that it is the mobile version of the blog post (how it is seen on a cell phone.)

If you get a link to a blog in your email and the address looks like this, just go to the end of the address bar and back space until you delete "?m=1." Also, if you're tweeting a link from your cell phone, remember that the address will have "?m=1" at the end. If you delete the ending when or before you tweet, the blog post will show up correctly on a laptop or PC. 

**Blog posts that don't have the "?m=1" at the end will automatically convert on a person's cell phone. 

My #1 tip for sharing blog posts: 
Click the blog title to get the "permalink" to a specific blog post. 
Share away!

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