Saturday, January 18, 2020

Leading in the new decade {Podcast episode}

I'm thrilled to re-introduce you to Rising Tide Radio, the podcast created and hosted by me and my friend, Allyson Apsey

We kicked off our podcast a year ago, and it started out with monthly epsiodes. But when school started in August of 2019, we got caught up in the busyness of school and didn't connect to continue the podcast. 

As the calendar year closed out and we kicked off a new decade, Allyson and I renewed our commitment to Rising Tide Radio, and we'll publish a new episode every other week in the year ahead. 

The first episode of 2020 is titled, Leading in the New Decade, and we discuss 4 main ideas (Listen in to hear our thoughts about the ideas listed below)

  • The importance of leading ME in the new decade
  • Leading and learning from new leaders
  • The importance of continual learning - (new generations, new social media, new trends, new research, about what motivates teachers since too many are leaving the profession) - it's a journey, not a destination!
  • Using different modes of communication; the importance of keeping relationships at the forefront of communication as we continue to move into using text more frequently than voice

In every episode, we share resources to further your learning, and we always close with a challenge. If you hear something you like, we'd love for you to share it on social media using the hashtag #RisingTideRadio

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