Sunday, February 21, 2016

15 Days of Inside Out Leadership

Leadership is a journey. 

It’s a journey “on the outside,” filled with relationships, decisions, situations, strategies, and other observable actions. It’s also an inner journey that is filled with a leader understanding his or her own strengths, beliefs, and weaknesses. 

I’m excited to share a new leadership project with you - one that I’m working on with Lisa Dabbs. Lisa is an education consultant and former school administrator, and we’re both passionate about authentic leadership and mentoring others. We’re working together to bring you a FREE e-mail course, 15 Days of Inside Out Leadership

From March 7 - 25, you will receive an email on each weekday only (we respect your personal time on the weekends!) There are 15 key topics included in Inside Out Leadership, and we’ll share insights, action items, and resources each day that are related to the day’s topic. We’re starting with RISK on Day 1 because to be an authentic leader, it requires a person to risk shaking up his/her comfort zone in order to try new things, learn new things, and listen with an open mind and heart.

Exceptional leaders are constantly trying to learn more about themselves and act in ways that are consistent with who they are. The 15 actions are simple and effective, and we hope that you will make this 15-day course part of your leadership journey. 

We encourage you to share your insights and experiences on twitter using the hashtag #InsideOutLead. If you are a blogger, please share your reflections in a blog post and tag it with #InsideOutLead.

Register here for the free e-mail course. Your first email will arrive on March 7. Lisa and I are looking forward to being a part of your leadership journey through the 15 Days of Inside Out Leadership. We believe in you!

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