Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We learn by doing - activities to try for Digital Learning Day!


Digital Learning Day is coming up soon, and we're turning it into a week-long celebration at my school. Next Monday and Tuesday, we have two district Professional Development Days scheduled, so I went ahead and shared the "Digital Learning Day Challenge" with our staff today because of our different start to the week next week. 

If you HAVEN'T heard of Digital Learning Day, you can read more about it at www.digitallearningday.org. There are a ton of resources there for you and your staff for every day, not just Digital Learning Day!

So... what are we doing at our school? 

There are 9 activities from which our teachers can choose. If they do three, they are entered into a drawing for either Starbucks or iTunes gift cards. All of the instructions are in the online flyer. 

I used S'more to create the online flyer, but you could easily do this in a Google Doc that you could share with your staff. 

Today, I got our school's first entry from Coach Cavender. Her students were playing a Kahoot review game in her history class, so she's the first person on our leaderboard! 

What do you have planned for Digital Learning Day? Please share in the comments or on twitter (@Jennifer_Hogan).

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