Monday, February 1, 2016

4 ways to strengthen your resolve and reach your goals

Have you ever made a resolution or promise to yourself that you were going on a diet and you weren’t going to eat sweets, only to be confronted by a plate of cookies or box of doughnuts at work?

Or maybe you said you were going to stop a bad habit, then a series of events occur that take up your time?

Over the years of coaching and leading, I’ve noticed this phenomenon to happen over and over again. It’s as if once a person puts her intention out into the universe, a test appears. It’s a fight or flight opportunity. It’s a test of whether a person is on the “want to” plan, or the plan to do the work.

This constant test of commitment to our goal is the test that separates those who have positive self-talk and those who have negative self-talk. The positive or negative messages that we send ourselves are what feeds our level of self-discipline. The first step to using positive self-talk is having awareness when faced with a difficult or challenging situation. Pay attention to the messages that your brain sends to you about your potential or ability. Intentionally use positive words and encouragement once you notice any negative messages your mind sends you.

What else can you do to strengthen your resolve and reach your desired goal?

     2. Find an accountability partner. When we have someone to “check in” with, our chances of success increase.

     3. Hire a coach. A coach will know how to motivate, encourage, and help you stay true to the path towards reaching your goal.

     4. Fail forward. A failure is a convenient reason to give up on a long-term goal. Expect failures along the way, and use them as learning opportunities.

You have the ability to strengthen your resolve and quiet the negative voices in your head. Knowing that challenges will appear along the way, using positive self-talk, and having a support system in place can help you can turn a roadblock into a speedbump and achieve success.

"The Universe favors the brave. 
When you resolve to lift your life to its highest level, 
the strength of your soul will guide you to 
a magical place with magnificent treasures."

- Robin Sharma

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