Friday, February 19, 2016

Be inspired by a public high school teacher who's blind

Click the picture above to watch the 2 min video

Maybe I'm the last to know about Jim Hughes. The Youtube video (above) was posted in 2012, and I've watched a TON of inspirational and motivational videos for the 52 weeks of Motivation Monday posts on my blog

THIS video is my absolute favorite by far, and I felt compelled to share it with you! There are SO many takeaways from this video, which I'd like to share in today's post. I hope you agree that the story is incredible, awesome, inspiring, (insert other adjective here).

Here are my take-aways from the video
  • Sometimes we underestimate what people with physical limitations can accomplish
  • Jim's principal was a risk-taker with a growth mindset
  • Kids know what the qualities of a good teacher are
  • Jim's students don't see his blindness as a disability but as an asset to his teaching
And here are my favorite quotes from the video
"Boy am I glad I took a second look at that resume, because it's made all the difference in the world for generations of students."  - HS Principal 
"[The other teachers] are blinded with the Powerpoints and the handouts and all that. Every teacher should try a day with a blindfold and really learn how to talk to your students."  -student
"There's no cheating whatsoever. We respect him too much."  -student

Who do you need to share this video with?

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  1. Ok. I am immediately inspired to blind fold myself one day. I'm also questioning whether my students would provide me the same respect. I think they would. "Other teachers are blinded by..." That can preach! So glad you shared this Jennifer!